the amount of books versus the amount of actual room for the books is becoming a real life problem, primarily due to my complete lack of self control and inability to leave unwanted books behind. 

Go away Coachella weekend pictures. You’re making me sad that I won’t be at ‘roo. 

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literally just a clip of ravers dancing at a music festival, but with the rave music taken out and Benny Hill music put in x

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Lone Survivor: A book review

My heart is heavy, my eyes are red, and this has been one of greatest books I’ve read in a while. 

This book has gotten quite a bit of traction lately since it was released as a movie. I have yet to see the movie - and with most book to screen adaptations, I always try to read the book first. 

So I signed myself up on the waiting list for a copy from my library. I waited almost 2 months for this book, I finished it in 6 days. Why not just go to the store and buy it, you think. Well I’m an idiot and I should have because I would totally reread it. 

Lone Survivor chronicles the events of Operation Redwing, first hand. Four members of Navy SEAL Team 10, the most elite member of the US Navy, were sent into the remote hills of Afghanistan and only one returned. Marcus Luttrell is the lone survivor, making it a week in the desert helped by friendly tribespeople while being hunted by Taliban. 

Luttrell and his co-author, did an amazing job of twisting together his SEAL training, his upbringing, his family, the firefight he was in and the tragedy that followed. It was heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time. It brought you to tears and then made you smile through red eyes. It was perfect. If you are interested in military stories, or you feel like having your heart ripped out, or if you want to read the story of a few american heroes, read this book. 

This is also book number 12 for the year. 

the older I get the move I believe that sitting in a coffee shop reading my favorite books will not lead me to my soul mate. 

life is confusing sometimes.

Life is strange and confusing. They tell you over and over again that you get what you put into it. But I’m finding even if you work your ass off you sometimes just scrape by. 

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my next move. I’m trying not to think that my life is ticking away. I’ve tried to reset my mind to be open to what happens will happen. But life is confusing. 

One minute I want to work in an agency, ready to accept the grind, and the next I want to move to a new city and start from scratch and the next I want to throw it all away, move to the mountains and be a trail guide. I want an adventure, but I also can’t let go of security. 

Aside from life issues - I get to see Andrew again. Playing the Summer Stage - which is one so my favorite places to see him. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of watching him play music. 

I’ve also started journaling again - in a brick and mortar notebook. It really makes me want to have a pen pal again. Any takers?

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This cover of ‘No Scrubs’ makes me like Bastille more than I should probably admit.

Michael Lang, the creator of the original Woodstock (and second) festival has decided to ‘hopefully’ make music magic again this summer by bringing a  music festival back to the Hudson Valley. I’m extremely intrigued by what type of artists they will book and how much tickets will be - but this is literally in my backyard and I’m hoping it doesn’t turn out to suck. 


It appears the rumors were true, a brand new music festival is coming to Winston Farms in Saugerties, NY July 11-13 called The Hudson Project.  The festival will be produced by MCP Presents and SFX Enteratinment, while the land owner is Michael Lang, one of the founders of Woodstock ‘94.

A press release by the festival had the following to say:

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