Can you fall in love and hate something at the same time? First spin class done! (We’ll see how the knee feels later) #spin #gettingit #healthyliving #whatsbeautiful

i saw jersey boys tonight:

- Every body in the theater was at least 58 years old and they were almost all on weird old people dates. 

- The old women behind me sang along to almost every song
- The old man in front of me at an apple in the middle of the movie…an APPLE!

The movie was pretty great. The voices were spot on. The music pretty perfect. 

I run because it reminds me that I’m still alive. 

The tightness in my calfs, my heart beating a million beats per second, the burn in my lungs after mile 2, the sweat that stings my eyes. All signs that my body has not yet given up on me. 

When everything seems to be going to hell and the darkness rolls in and my breath is on the edge of panic I know that I can lace up and slowly trudge through the streets to bring me back. 

Running is constant. Every time I step outside I except the burn to come or the beats to hasten, I wait for it because I know that means I’m still living. I run a little faster, I go a little further, I get a little better. 

New wall decoration: feeling the positive vibes. #goodvibes #radiatepositivity #100happydays #whatdayisit #vscocam

This weekend’s book find = 3 whole dollars.

Today’s real life problem: finding space to store them.

I will forever have jersey pride and we will forever be jersey strong. #jerseyshore #saltlife #jerseystrong

Beach days are the perfect days! @alomolino2010 #saltlife #jerseyshore #vscocam

i’ve spent more than half my life perfecting the act of pretending that everything is perfect that sometimes i think i’ve tricked myself into actually believing it. 

everything seems to be going super awesome for everyone…but me. so here i sit, trying to not to fall into the dark hole of regretting all my choices and hating everything about life and all the people in it. i’ve sat on edge of this hole many times before and it sucks. darkness makes staying positive and hopeful really fucking difficult and it sucks. 

is it time to move the fuck away yet? Cali, Portland, DC…who wants me? 

(but for real: passing up moving to Iowa to serve in nccc is one of my biggest late night regrets)

I can’t live my whole life never having really left new jersey. how fucking depressing would that be. 

It’s been six years and this place hasn’t changed a bit. #thebitterend #historicny #livemusic #vscocam

Beach days are perfect days. #saltlife #beachdays #day12 #100happydays #vscocam

Coolest grandpa ever!! #lovemyfamily #day11 #100happydays

Eliana, the perfect new addition to our family! #brandnewbabies #cousin #day10 #100happydays

Day 6 - 100 Days of Happiness

Day 6 (Sunday)

Spending time with my awesome family!